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Sep 28, 2021
19 days 15 hours
Commit ea551b6f52c81a28404201b7b8609e1fc257b1d7, by Grégory Soutadé
Sep 9, 2021
1 month 8 days Add test sample
Commit 7f2a84c10c677c2356c4be6c42cb01c2881438e6, by Grégory Soutadé
1 month 8 days Increase PDF format support (more test samples used)
Commit 89e9fdc55ed78002e62c834646d281bf1320099a, by Grégory Soutadé
1 month 8 days Improve performances for stream parsing
Commit f2432712159b22b57f82c5450ad79421c4c4cd9c, by Grégory Soutadé
Aug 25, 2021
1 month 22 days Fix error in Makefile : forget for variable in if condition
Commit f299c6965408bd8942e1f3acc38f0b7eb00bf24f, by Grégory Soutadé
Aug 21, 2021
1 month 26 days Remove forgotten trace
Commit 9f5469ffda944eb4c7cff57e75cfdff55216bbdc, by Grégory Soutadé
1 month 26 days Initial commit
Commit 39e2f6ecc9b8087ccfdcd6f6e0c1c089b1690b4c, by Grégory Soutadé

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