Libgourou Git Source Tree


File Age Message Size
blob bytearray.cpp 9 months 12 days Grégory Soutadé: Add fromHex() static function to ByteArray 5.61 kB
blob device.cpp 1 year 9 months Grégory Soutadé: Typo fix 8.98 kB
blob fulfillment_item.cpp 1 year 2 months Grégory Soutadé: Manage loan tokens 4.17 kB
blob libgourou.cpp 9 months 4 days Grégory Soutadé: Compute over encrypted key also for PDF files 44.93 kB
blob loan_token.cpp 1 year 3 days Grégory Soutadé: Look for <loan> element in <permissions> node in addition to <loanToken> one 2.78 kB
blob pugixml.cpp 1 year 11 months Grégory Soutadé: Initial commit 30 bytes
blob user.cpp 1 year 5 months Grégory Soutadé: Add support for anonymous accounts 8.52 kB

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