Issue 51: Provide internal libraries through other means

Reported by Sven Friedrich, Apr 11, 2023

Right now "Internal libraries are automatically fetched and 
statically compiled during the first run."
And there is no way around this when using 'make all', expect if you 
place the uPDFParser in the lib folder yourself.
I would like a way of providing dependencies (uPDFParser) through 
other means. Maybe by allowing UPDFPARSERLIB to be set manually and 
only running 'make lib' internally if UPDFPARSERLIB was not set.
If this is done another variable (UPDFPARSERHEADER) might also be 

Comment 1 by Grégory Soutadé, Apr 11, 2023

You can use a symlink in lib for uPDFParser redirection (this is 
what I do for development).

Comment 2 by Sven Friedrich, Apr 13, 2023

This is also what I do right now, but I thought that using ENV 
variables may be more elegant, especially if the libupdfparser 
library and header files are stored in the system library/header 
paths /usr/lib and /usr/include .
I understand if you do not want to change this anytime soon or ever. 
I just wanted to address this.

Comment 3 by Grégory Soutadé, Apr 13, 2023

I understand. I removed pugixml because it was already packaged. But 
concerning uPDFParser, I don't think it will be packaged one day. 
So, I prefer to keep it as a "submodule" and staticaly 
link with it.

Status: WontFix

Created: 5 months 12 days ago by Sven Friedrich

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Status: WontFix

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