Issue 39: CMake support - I've added this

Reported by Samuel Marks, Nov 27, 2022

CMake support would be handy, as would vcpkg integration.

I've just about finished, see branch `cmake` at

Want a patch? - Also done some `const` correctness stuff in that 
branch. - Would be good to `clang-format` the whole repo but am 
worried about killing patch history.

Comment 1 by Samuel Marks, Nov 28, 2022

FYI: Just got it to work on vcpkg; building with CMake and 
everything: -

Comment 2 by Grégory Soutadé, Nov 28, 2022

Hi Samuel,

I'm sorry, I forgot to merge your changes for MacOS, just did it.

The current changes are more complex as it impact build system and, 
to be honest, I would prefer you to keep it in a separate branch 
from your own.

Status: WontFix

Comment 3 by Samuel Marks, Nov 28, 2022

All the tests pass, meaning macOS and Linux build perfectly on 

If there is interest from you, I can port it to MSVC (Windows) also. 
But it's doubtful if I'll split these commits up into single file 
patches that I send you one-by-one. Can send it to you as one big 
patch though…

Comment 4 by Grégory Soutadé, Nov 29, 2022

Nice. My principal concern about OS porting is maintenance as I 
don't use these systems. I don't want something too invasive. Plus 
we have ADE + Calibre on Windows. Don't think someone would use a 
command line tool like libgourou.

Created: 6 months 12 days ago by Samuel Marks

Updated: 6 months 10 days ago

Status: WontFix

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