Issue 28: Struggling to set up auth

Reported by Alex Hayes, Nov 16, 2021

Steps to reproduce the problem:

(base) alex@dncu:~/libgourou$ ./utils/adept_activate -u
Enter password for <> : 
Exception code : 0x1003
Message        : E_AUTH_FAILED CUS05051

I can log in to using the user/password combination from 
above. Any ideas on what might be going wrong or how to debug?

Comment 1 by Grégory Soutadé, Nov 16, 2021


Could you try to provide password using -p switch ?

Comment 2 by Pierre Raoul, Feb 21, 2022

The issue is the same when providing the password with option '-p'.

It seems that some one has tracked down the cause of the issue:

Comment 3 by Pierre Raoul, Feb 21, 2022

Mmm, the comment from #Leo1003 doesn't seem relevant as it'd concern 
only the case where option -p is not provided...

Comment 4 by Pierre Raoul, Feb 21, 2022

After reading some tickets on, I tried:
- to cut down Adobe ID password to 10 characters : KO
- to remove (not so) special character, ie "$", from Adobe 
ID password: OK!

Comment 5 by Grégory Soutadé, Feb 22, 2022

Fixed in v0.5.2 !

There was actually a stupid use after free...

For '$' in password, it's not a bug. When you enter 
"my$pass" as a shell string, it'll replace $pass by its 
value. So you should enter 'my$pass' with a single quote or use -p 
switch (or type "my\$pass")

Status: Fixed

Created: 1 year 6 months ago by Alex Hayes

Updated: 1 year 3 months ago

Status: Fixed

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