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1v0.9 (27/07/2019)
2** User **
3** Dev **
4** Bugs **
5Check index in ctrl+t, ctrl+r and suppr callback to avoid doing something on non existant operation
7v0.8 (29/01/2019)
8** User **
9Add multi month operation support : Normal operation with description "... (XX/YY)" will be forwarded to next month
10Auto fill operation amount if it was the same for the last 3 operations
11Add quick transfert dialog (ctrl+t shortcut)
12Add ctrl+r shortcut to check/uncheck operations
13Remove delete column (replaced by Suppr shortcut)
14Fix operations not necessary bound to fix category
15** Dev **
16** Bugs **
17Current account value is badly computed if operations are not in date order
18NULLop was set with random values which can cause misunderstanding when entering a new operation
19Resize date column for new operations (can be bold while other are not)
20KissCount crash or do something wrong when selecting multiple columns for group/ungroup operations
23v0.7.1 (07/05/2018)
24** User **
25** Dev **
26** Bugs **
27web: start and end date only compared to current date and not selected one
29v0.7 (25/03/2018)
30** User **
31Set background calendar color to red or yellow when one account is negative or less than 200€ (configurable)
32Add start date and end date for accounts, so don't need to hide it when it's closed
33Remove some unused blank spaces in GUI
34Operation modification now taken in account for Stats Panel
35Resize rows to content at startup
36Set default month to december for year != cur year (avoid new year bug)
37New Windows build !
39** Dev **
40Qt5 migration done !
41StatsPanel code reworked, removing some bugs
42Do not reload current panel when a modification is done, but reload other ones
43Add Visual Studio project files
44Remove libkdchart
46** Bugs **
47Bug in expression parser, negative mark before parenthesis considered as positive.
48Bug in FormulaDelegate : string copy was made in a wrong way
49Initial and final negative account values were not displayed in red
50Sub operations were not removed from database when deleting meta operation
51Week lines were not re computed after deleting an operation
52Default month selection should now be correct
53Amount in SearchBanner were badly set (missing *100)
54Prevent integer overflow when computing percents in CostRepartitionBanner
55Fix some bugs in yearTo selection & fill in GenerateDialog
56Don't count virtual operations in check mode
57Bad account updated when it's changed on MainPanel
60v0.6 (08/10/2016)
61** User **
62Set autofocus attribute to user in index.php
64** Dev **
65Use transactions for SQL updates
66Use prepared query for value replacement allowing to use non escaped characters was broken due to parsing errors in debian/changelog
69** Bugs **
70Crash when use of a tag in a new operation
72v0.5 (19/06/2015)
73** User **
74Add tag management
76** Dev **
77Version 4 of database : tag added
79** Bugs **
80Bug in generate month : if the next month has less days than the first, but there are operations on non existings days, use last day of new month.
81Bad memcpy length in localtime_r() and gmtime_r()
83v0.4 (26/02/2013)
84** User **
85Add icons for low resolution screens
86Sort categories using translated names
87Set DateFrom to first of month for SearchBanner
88Add CSV export
89Add Cost repartition statistics to SearchBanner
91** Dev **
92Primitive handle of low resolution screens
93Rework GridAccount
94Simplify UpdateNextMonths function
95Add "create_if_not_exsits" to Database::GetAccountAmount
96Add CostRepartitionBanner
98** Bugs **
99Remove some bugs in GridAccount
100When user changes month or year in SearchBanner, A new date wasn't selected by default resulting in bad SQL query
101Date in search failed in january
102File was not truncated during export
103Group a non checked operation with a checked meta did not uncheck meta
106v0.3 (31/05/2012)
107** User **
108New interface in Qt4
109Use BDD file from .local/share/kisscount
110Use libkchart for graphics
111Use oxygen icons
112New account attribute : hidden
113Description is now auto-completed
114Snapshot feature
115Display date in locale format
116Better auto completion for transfert operation (not two times the same operation completed)
117Add Win32 support (OFX import disabled)
119** Dev **
120Version 3 of database : account hidden item added, some id deleted, on delete constraints added
121This version is not compatible with previous ones
122Values are in fix point (no double anymore)
124** Bugs **
125Fix a bug in language settings
126Virtual transferts must not be considered as a debit
127Last account/category wasn't taken in account during search
128New users have system language set instead of English
129Account/Category modification are immediatly reported in other panels
130Accounts and categories where badly mapped during import
131Fix cost not taken in account during import
133v0.2 (04/07/2011)
134Remove dependancies of libsqlite and libxml
135User throws exception if account/category not found
137** User **
138Better use of sizers (so better interface!)
139No further problems with scrollbar in AccountPanel/SearchPanel/PreferencesPanel when there is a lot of operations
140Better fit of interface when displaying grouped operations
141Show stats for current month even if next month has not been generated
142Possibility to choose a replacement when deleting accounts and categories
143Possibility to find operations with unknown category/account
144Possibility to work on multiple operations (rename, change category, change account)
145Add virtual accounts
146Searchs aren't case sensitive enough
147Default categories in native language (even if switching language at runtime)
148Add Real mode
149Database is now at ~/.kisscount/kc.bdd
150Add Debian's packages !!
151Add Import Panel, XML, OFX and Grisbi imports
152Add Export Panel (only XML)
153Add update next months
154Change charts and real/virtual mode position
155Add "non fix" category to statistics (sum of all non fix categories)
156Auto completion does not require date to be set
158** Dev **
159Use a factory to create panels (prepare for plug-in)
160Better cross compilation support (Makefile and
161Update Copyright
162New database version (2) :
163fix_cost for categories
164virtual field for account and operation
166Database checking & upgrading
168** Bugs **
169Bug on GenerateMonth with different years
170In StatsPanel :
171 Bad selection of year with multiple years
172 Bad year range check
173 Unordered accounts (makes account selection points to bad indexes on account graph)
174Bug in account creation (readonly fields)
175Bug in search bad computation of month with start_date and end_date
176Grouped operations have bad month/year in SearchPanel
177Categories fonts not updated for new category --> crash
178New category had read only fields in PreferencesPanel
179Update all panels after generating/deleting month
180Don't take in account unknown categories (in stats)
181Don't try to draw more than MAX_CATEGORIES (12) in charts

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