What is KissCount

KissCount is a personal accounting software. Its goal is to be as simple as possible (matching KISS philosophy).
It focuses on PERSONAL accounting (not companies/associations ones). You only have to enter operations and see what you have (or not).

What a strange name

In fact KissCount is a bad pun of word for KissCool. I didn't found anything else with Kiss, sorry ...

Why I need a personal accounting software ?

You can get your accounts amounts by internet or by SMS while amounts indicated in software are false... Because a personal accounting software is not a real time software ! Main goals are to budgetize and analyse your costs. The 1st of month I need to know of much money I can spent. The 30th of month I need To know where my money was spent and how I can change that.

Why KissCount ?

I started to manage my budget about three years ago (2009) with a simple excel sheet using builtin formulas, it was very simple to add expenses and fast to see what is remaining on my accounts.

But I added one feature for convenience, and another, and another ... finally I stopped by programming limitations. I didn't want to make VBA code or python code inside OOo.

So what to do ?? Why not to create my own personal accounting software ? I thought it would be quicker to reach excel features, but it wasn't. Now (since v0.1) KissCount overtake what I had from my old excel sheet and I'm proud to use it everyday. it's simple, easy and powerful.

You can add/remove operations, see accounts status and where you spent your money in only one screen !

I was looking for a graphical library which I can simply implement sheets and graphics and, in first instance was deceived by GTK and QT, but found my way with wxWidgets. wxWidgets helps me to simply create what I want but since v0.3 all is in Qt which is more powerful (and nicer).

What about other personal accounting software ?

Before starting to develop KissCount, I made an overview of other personal accounting software. My conclusion was simple : "There are all the same !!". They maybe are powerful but not as efficient as my excel sheet. They all have the same layout and same features. You only use 20% of these software. You need to do 15 mouse clicks to enter a simple operation an have three panels to see all information ... so boring.

A list of my not really concurrents :

  • Grisbi
  • Skrooge
  • KMyMoney
  • GNUCash
  • HomeBank
  • MS Money
  • Ciel Compta


The main feature is to use a excel sheet-like form for intuitive data management :

  • Add/remove operation
  • Auto completion for operation's description
  • Category and account management
  • Tags
  • Group/UnGroup operations
  • Auto complete category and account with same description in a previous operation
  • Expenses repartition (with graphic), very useful to manage your budget
  • Accounts overview (with future prediction)
  • Recurrent operations
  • Customize category color/font
  • Operation checking
  • Formulas
  • Search feature (with simple edition enabled)
  • Shared accounts
  • English/French translations
  • Ascending/descending operation order
  • Multi user
  • Statistics
  • Simple web view
  • Windows (C) version
  • Account limit visual warning

v0.2 :

  • Better GUI
  • Multiple updates
  • Blocked accounts
  • Virtual accounts
  • Import (xml, ofx, grisbi) / Export (xml)
  • Debian package

v0.3 :

  • GUI is now in Qt
  • Use libkdchart and oxygen icons
  • Can hide accounts in main panel
  • Auto completion for description
  • Snapshot feature
  • Win32 version

v0.4 :

  • Export in CVS
  • Rework of core component
  • Some bugs fixed
  • Low/High resolution icons

v0.5 :

  • Tags

v0.6 :

  • Fix some bugs in tags
  • Use transactions for queries
  • Set focus to username in web view
  • Fix broken

v0.7 :

  • Qt5 migration done !
  • Account limit warning (below a configured limit and 0)
  • New start and end date attributes to accounts
  • Some GUI rework on main panel
  • Windows version available again !
  • A lot of bugs corrected


  • Written in C++ (pseudo MVC model)
  • Graphical toolkit is Qt5
  • Uses SQLite3 as db engine
  • Web view is in PHP
  • Version control under git
  • Licence GPLv3


See documentation English or Français


Any suggestion, graphic content, code, testing, packaging, translation is welcome.

KissCount announce list :

Development Team
Grégory Soutadé

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