iwla Git Source Tree


1v0.5 (25/05/2017)
2** User **
3Add --dry-run (-D) argument
4** Dev **
5Use cPickle instead of pickle
6Don't save all robots requests (only first pass is kept) which allow to save a large amount of memory/disk space
7Add one more rule to robot detection : more than ten 404 pages viewed
8** Bugs **
11v0.4 (29/01/2017)
12** User **
13Remove crawlers from feed parsers
14Add display only switch (-p)
15Add robot bandwidth display plugin
16** Dev **
17** Bugs **
18for robots, we have to use not_viewed_pages (feeds plugin)
19gz files were not generated due to bad time comparison
20Database compression could lead to altered files
22v0.3 (12/04/2016)
23** User **
24Add referers_diff display plugin
25Add year statistics in month details
26Add analysis duration
27Add browsers detection
28Add operating systems detection
29Add track users plugin
30Add feeds plugin
31Add _append feature to conf.py
32Add hours_stats plugin
33Add display/top_downloads_diff plugin
34Can specify multiple files to analyze
35Add reset feature
36Add gz files support
37Add -z option (don't compress databases)
38Add own search enfines files
39Do reverse DNS on feeds parsers
40Add IPToGeo plugin
42** Dev **
43Add istats_diff interface
44Sort documentation output
45Add debug traces in robots plugin
46Update awstats data
47Remove double slashes at the end of URL
48Remove final slashes for referrers
49Add alt attribute for all img tag
51** Bugs **
52Forgot <body> tag
53Bad UTC time computation
54Hits/pages in the same second were not analyzed
55Last day of month was skipped

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