iwla Git Change Log

Age Message
1 year 6 months Update ChangeLog and Documentation
Commit 954b4972a9980f957156d984dbc45fba6b0b9997, by Grégory Soutadé
1 year 6 months Update data from awstats (develop branch)
1 year 6 months Update default conf
1 year 6 months Add IP exclusion feature
2 years 1 month

Make backup before compressing (low memory servers) Fix error : Call post hook plugins even in display only mode Don't compute unordered hits (remove pasts if they are found after current) Remove tags in stats diff Don't do geolocalisation is visitor is not valid Don't try to find search engine on robots Update robot check rules Add top_pages_diff plugin
4 years 1 month Remove iwla_get.sh
4 years 1 month Remove Windows Search and vi-view from own search engines
4 years 1 month AWStats data 7.6 has malformed hashes, fix it for converted data
4 years 1 month iwla_convert : Skip empty values or empty keys in hashes
4 years 1 month Get GEO code for all visits (not only valid ones)
4 years 1 month Update awstats data with fixed iwla_convert.pl
4 years 1 month Fix iwla_convert.pl : skip empty key in hashs. Checks for empty lists
4 years 1 month ip_to_geo : reset connection after 50 requests
4 years 1 month Sync data with awstats 7.6
4 years 1 month New format for (not_)viewed pages/hits and bandwidth that are now recorded by day (in a dictionnary were only element 0 is initialized). Element 0 is the total. WARNING : not backward compatible with previous databases.
4 years 1 month Handle URLs with empty referer
4 years 1 month Fix KeyError : geo attribute can not exists
4 years 4 months Update documentation and ChangeLog
4 years 4 months Add one more rule to robot detection : more than ten 404 pages viewed
4 years 4 months Add --dry-run (-D) argument
4 years 5 months Don't save all robots requests (only first pass is kept) which allow to save a large amount of memory/disk space
4 years 5 months Use cPickle instead of pickle
4 years 5 months Add -p switch documentation
4 years 8 months Update iwla version to 0.5-dev
4 years 8 months Add -p switch to main.md