iwla Git Change Log

Age Message
18 days 15 hours Display visitor IP is now a filter
18 days 15 hours Main key for visits is now remote_ip and not remote_addr
1 month 11 days WIP
1 month 21 days Update documentation
Commit b1b92412e027a6a745cf794b13ef4872e8cda8c5, by Grégory Soutadé
1 month 21 days Update locales
Commit b1e6f973a6467ad539dfd4e74a882c9ebdffba9e, by Grégory Soutadé
1 month 21 days Add IP type plugin
1 month 21 days Update browsers with msie and Opera
2 months 14 days Forgot Firefox icon
2 months 16 days Remove robot rule 1 page for phones
2 months 16 days Remove detection from awstats dataset for browser
2 months 28 days Remove .*bot.* and .*crawl.* from awstats_data
2 months 28 days Update iwla : * Rework arg variable management * Manage dry run at top level * 'robot' property is now None by default (allow to do analysis only once) * Add --disable-display option
2 months 28 days Do not manage dry run inside display part, but directly in iwla
2 months 28 days

Update robot detection plugin : * Do analyze only one time by month * Reactivate rule : no page view if count_hit_only_visitors is False * Add exception for "Less than 1 hit per page" rule if a phone is used * Check for all error codes in 400..499, not only 403 and 404 * Referer '-' now counted as null
2 months 28 days Replace feed referers by feed user agent
2 months 28 days Remove feed parser detection by referer
2 months 28 days Set count_hit_only_visitors to False by default
3 months 21 days Merge branch 'master' of soutade.fr:iwla
3 months 21 days Update translation
Commit f871f4975c09d1ebdf4deeee612903646d993b66, by Grégory Soutadé
3 months 21 days Fix error : total of not viewed bandwidth not displayed
3 months 21 days Add "compatible" as a criteria for robot
3 months 21 days Search for "compatible" in all requests, not only the first one
4 months 4 days Update data with AWStats 7.9
4 months 4 days New way to display global statistics : with links in months names instead of "Details" button Fix Months name not translated in "By Day" corner
4 months 4 days Add a new rule for robots : 1 page and 1 hit, but not from the same source