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1package "ip_to_geo"
2version "0.1"
3purpose "Convert an IP to country code"
4usage "ip_to_geo --ip <ip>|--daemon [--port <port>] [--bind-ip <ip>]"
5description "Convert an IP to country code."
7section "Interactive mode"
8option "ip" i "IP to convert" typestr="ip" string optional
9option "quiet" q "Quiet mode" flag off
10option "verbose" v "Verbose mode" flag off
11section "Daemon mode"
12option "daemon" D "Daemonize" flag off
13option "port" p "Port" default="53333" int optional
14option "bind-ip" b "IP to bind to" string optional
15option "no-background" B "Don't go to background for daemon mode" flag off
16section "Advanced daemon options"
17option "sockets-per-thread" s "Number of sockets managed by a single thread" default="10" int optional
18option "sockets-timeout" t "Close connection after X seconds" default="5" int optional
19option "client-max-requests" r "Number of requests allowed for one client" default="100" int optional

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