IP to Geo

IP to Geo

iptogeo is an interface to map IP (v4 or v6) to ISO country code. It's based on data provided by AFRINIC, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC and RIPENCC organization.

To do that, A Python script parse data and create a static non balanced chained tree for C language. This allow to do fast searches.

Data are updated every day, so iptogeo must be recompiled every day to be up to date !

The server side is ipv6 compatible. It's focused on scalability (multi threaded) and security (specific interface binding, max number of queries by socket and optional seccomp support).

A command line interface is also available.

For tests and example, a Python class has been wrote.

Keep in mind, that data provided is only an assignment from a specific organization but may not reflect the actual position of the current IP user. The best example is a VPN provider or an ISP provider that rent IP to another country.

Development Team
Grégory Soutadé

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