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blob _user 9 years 8 months Grégory Soutadé: New protocol v3 : include pkdbf2 level Remove hashtable from firefox addon Rework firefox addon Add pkdbf2_level as a preference (hidden) 1.58 kB
blob conf.php 9 years 8 months Gregory Soutade: Remove licence from non PHP code in server 1.26 kB
blob functions.php 9 years 9 months Gregory Soutade: Server side modifications Fix bad implementation of PKDBF2 and HMAC New protocol version (2) 5.17 kB
blob index.php 9 years 3 months Gregory Soutade: Add a favicon 4.82 kB
blob init.sql 9 years 11 months Grégory Soutadé: Initial commit 74 bytes

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