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blob COPYING 3 years 4 months Grégory Soutadé: Update Licence from GPL v2 to GPL v3. Remove unused stylesheet 35.15 kB
blob dbus.xml 2 years 10 months Grégory Soutadé: Add onScroll[Up|Down] event 1.30 kB
blob extension.js 1 year 11 months Grégory Soutadé: Use WeakMap to store objects as key and rename MonitorWidget signals field into signalManager to avoid confusions 25.30 kB
blob metadata.json 1 year 11 months Grégory Soutadé: Update support for version 40 in metadata 284 bytes
blob 2 years 8 months Grégory Soutadé: Update README 4.42 kB

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