Gnome SHELL Generic Monitor

Issue 31: update crashed generic monitor

Reported by David Barker, Jan 7, 2022

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. get notification that theres an update for gnome extension 
"Generic Monitor"
2.update the extension - it errors out
3.try getting a gnome extension account, that doesn't help either

Expected result: it just updates and keeps working

Actual result: can't use the extension anymore :'(

Comment 1 by Grégory Soutadé, Jan 7, 2022


Did you installed the extension manually or only via gnome shell 
extensions ?

Comment 2 by Grégory Soutadé, Jan 7, 2022

I uploaded the same code but with a higher version (aligned with 
gnome website). Did it works now ?

Status: Accepted

Created: 1 year 5 months ago by David Barker

Updated: 1 year 5 months ago

Status: Accepted

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