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Nov 11, 2014
8 years 6 months Forget to remove dependency in module_user_per_fb_id when a custom object is removed
Oct 14, 2014
8 years 7 months Automatic run doesn't works du to bad parameters
Oct 9, 2014
8 years 7 months Allow , and ; as email separator Don't displays all emails in "to" field, send one by one Fix a bug token expiration (exception not caught)
8 years 7 months Add ADMIN_EMAIL variable
Jun 12, 2014
8 years 11 months Add CoteSud module
8 years 11 months Fix a bug in module ID generation : as it's not an abstract function, __FILE__ refers always the same name
8 years 11 months Add function to test only one fb_object
May 19, 2014
9 years 20 days Fix bad message-ID generation in email module Displays facebook objects with module in blue
May 3, 2014
9 years 1 month Initial commit
9 years 1 month Initial commit

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