Dynastie Git Change Log

Age Message
17 days 59 minutes Update site for w3c standards
17 days 1 hour Fix errors with Python3
17 days 1 hour Force iframe end tag </iframe> to be wrote (optimized by xml parser)
3 months 16 days Many fixes (encoding/Python3)
3 months 16 days Update blog templates
3 months 16 days Update blog templates
2 years 5 months Update blog.soutade.fr
2 years 5 months Update post/_createPost to not simply append post content, but replace dyn:post node
2 years 6 months Don't remove Drafts in blog view Add a check for robots directly using search form
2 years 6 months Update Markdown parser from 2.1.1 to 2.3.2
2 years 6 months Fix some bugs

Fix some bugs: * Don't use cached objects if file has been removed * Replace subblock node with all of this nodes instead of appending them at the end of parent (respect order) * Disable Post cache cause it generates some random errors * Don't forget to update cur page number, even if Post creation has failed
2 years 6 months Update blog theme
6 years 3 months Also checks for 'email' field to be present
6 years 4 months Update version and ChangeLog
6 years 4 months Some robots doesn't set referer when they try to add comment
6 years 4 months Update README and ChangeLog
6 years 4 months Add fail2ban filter
6 years 6 months Read posts with unicode instead binary
6 years 8 months Add mardown include syntax in templates
6 years 8 months Fix HTML article inclusion Fix draft inclusion in preview Enhance cache post content (avoid recomputing md5sum if present) Add generation duration time Add post only generation (for Dev) Remove Draft when it becomes Post Update blog Copyright Update
6 years 10 months Add autofocus to login page
7 years 6 days TEMPLATE_DIRS must now be a tuple
7 years 13 days Add article inclusion (Mardown only)
7 years 13 days Update to Django 1.8 + various changes
7 years 1 month Redirect user to comment when it's added and not to begining of page Always update modification date when post/draft is saved Update version