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1v0.4 (17/02/2013)
2** User **
3Add icons for low resolution
4Sort categories using translated names
5Set DateFrom to first of month for SearchBanner
6Add CSV export
8** Dev **
9Primitive handle of low resolutions
10Rework GridAccount
11Simplify UpdateNextMonths function
12Add "create_if_not_exsits" to Database::GetAccountAmount
14** Bugs **
15Remove some bugs in GridAccount
16When user changes month or year in SearchBanner, A new date wasn't selected by default resulting in bad SQL query
17Date in search failed in january
18File was not truncated during export
19Group a non checked operation with a checked meta did not uncheck meta
22v0.3 (31/05/2012)
23** User **
24New interface in Qt4
25Use BDD file from .local/share/kisscount
26Use libkchart for graphics
27Use oxygen icons
28New account attribute : hidden
29Description is now auto-completed
30Snapshot feature
31Display date in locale format
32Better auto completion for transfert operation (not two times the same operation completed)
33Add Win32 support (OFX import disabled)
35** Dev **
36Version 3 of database : account hidden item added, some id deleted, on delete constraints added
37This version is not compatible with previous ones
38Values are in fix point (no double anymore)
40** Bugs **
41Fix a bug in language settings
42Virtual transferts must not be considered as a debit
43Last account/category wasn't taken in account during search
44New users have system language set instead of English
45Account/Category modification are immediatly reported in other panels
46Accounts and categories where badly mapped during import
47Fix cost not taken in account during import
49v0.2 (04/07/2011)
50Remove dependancies of libsqlite and libxml
51User throws exception if account/category not found
53** User **
54Better use of sizers (so better interface!)
55No further problems with scrollbar in AccountPanel/SearchPanel/PreferencesPanel when there is a lot of operations
56Better fit of interface when displaying grouped operations
57Show stats for current month even if next month has not been generated
58Possibility to choose a replacement when deleting accounts and categories
59Possibility to find operations with unknown category/account
60Possibility to work on multiple operations (rename, change category, change account)
61Add virtual accounts
62Searchs aren't case sensitive enough
63Default categories in native language (even if switching language at runtime)
64Add Real mode
65Database is now at ~/.kisscount/kc.bdd
66Add Debian's packages !!
67Add Import Panel, XML, OFX and Grisbi imports
68Add Export Panel (only XML)
69Add update next months
70Change charts and real/virtual mode position
71Add "non fix" category to statistics (sum of all non fix categories)
72Auto completion does not require date to be set
74** Dev **
75Use a factory to create panels (prepare for plug-in)
76Better cross compilation support (Makefile and
77Update Copyright
78New database version (2) :
79fix_cost for categories
80virtual field for account and operation
82Database checking & upgrading
84** Bugs **
85Bug on GenerateMonth with different years
86In StatsPanel :
87 Bad selection of year with multiple years
88 Bad year range check
89 Unordered accounts (makes account selection points to bad indexes on account graph)
90Bug in account creation (readonly fields)
91Bug in search bad computation of month with start_date and end_date
92Grouped operations have bad month/year in SearchPanel
93Categories fonts not updated for new category --> crash
94New category had read only fields in PreferencesPanel
95Update all panels after generating/deleting month
96Don't take in account unknown categories (in stats)
97Don't try to draw more than MAX_CATEGORIES (12) in charts

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