Gnome SHELL Generic Monitor

Issue 9: How to execute .sh script on click

Reported by raz elime, Sep 28, 2020


Not a real issue with the extension, thank you for creating it I 
really like it.

I use it as a song indicator for MPD, although i use it in .sh 
script rather than the python examples.

I'm trying to understand what statement i need to set in the gdbus 
call command in order to invoke a .sh script (on click) located in 
e.g. /some/folder/

Keep up the great work

Comment 1 by Grégory Soutadé, Sep 28, 2020


You're welcome.

Your problem has been solved here :

You could use "gdbus monitor" or compile dbus-listen (see 
the link below), or modify my Python script to call a shell script 
when it receive a message.

Have a good day,


Status: Fixed
Owner: soutade

Created: 2 months 1 day ago by raz elime

Updated: 2 months 1 day ago

Status: Fixed

Owner: Grégory Soutadé